Products and technical solutions

The strong and durable double-twisted steel wire mesh - together with geosynthetic and biotextile fabrics too - can be used in geotechnical applications requiring high resistance. Flexible and permeable, modular and versatile: they are an effective solution in a high number of situations.

Our geotechnical systems enable to solve complex problems with simple and quick interventions, with low environmental impact techniques in the most efficient way.

  • Soil drainage (High Performance Gabbiodren® Drainage System)
  • Implementation of infrastructure works and consolidation (reinforced soils FAST-TER® System)
  • Hydrogeological consolidation (Gabions, Nail-Gabions)
  • Settlement of landslide slope (Gabions, Nail-Gabions, Green Again Gabions, R.E.C.S.® System)
  • Rock slope stabilization (Rockfall netting, R.E.C.S.® System, Stabilizing Tubes)
  • Erosion control and soil conservation ( R.E.C.S.® System)
  • Renaturalization and environmental requalification (Green Again Gabions and MATECO® Mattresses)
  • Hydraulic protection works (Hydraulic mattresses type Reno; MATECO® Mattresses)
  • Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • Environmental engineering